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Every day Reddaway employees go above and beyond for our customers – making sure deliveries arrive safely, on time and damage-free. Here's what a few customers had to say...

We’d like to hear from you too. Share your stories about the Reddaway team members who have made a positive impact!

Paul Medina
Account Manager

Good Morning! Ever since Paul took over our account he has been beyond the greatest! I have been at this CED location for over 30 years and never have we had a rep from any trucking/shipping company take care of us the way he does. Any time we have even the littlest concern about a shipment, we call him and he gets it handled. If there is a situation with a terminal he always keeps us in the loop till the delivery is made. If you could clone him that would be awesome! He is the gold standard of what it takes to take care of the customer!!!

Doug Iverson
Local Driver
We deal with Doug as a driver picking up and delivering freight. He is always very courteous and friendly. He is a good ambassador for your company, as he is always smiling and very patient if we are busy.
Ralph Nicolino
Senior Account Manager

Best customer service ever! If we have a problem, he will help.

Kelley Foye
Local Driver
We here at BCS America have had the pleasure of having Kelly as our driver since 2010. Every day he is so nice and willing to help under any previous circumstances such as weather, traffic, strange hours, large loads or heavy shipment days to no shipment days. He has a really close contact with our main shipping staff. It is like clock work--plain and simple every day. The days he uses his earned vacation and or sick time is when we miss him the most. He is a stellar employee who deserves the recognition, and this is a nice chance to do so.
Ralph Nicolino
Senior Account Manager

Ralph is a superstar. There is nothing this guy can't tackle. Best sales rep I have ever dealt with.

Dean Jenks
Local Driver
I have had the pleasure of working with Dean for the last 15-17 years at Camp Chef. He has always been so friendly and kind. If I have had a last minute shipment, I can always call him and he will come back to load it. He is always willing to help anyone and do it with a smile on his face. He made my job easier. Today is my last day, I'm retiring. I'm going to miss his smiling face everyday. He is totally awesome to work with. There needs to more drivers like Dean in this world.
Steve Wise
Terminal Manager
This guy is a company man. He always takes my call and is willing to help any way he can--whether it's an A.M. delivery, lost freight found or even billing errors caused by the receiving terminal. You are lucky to have Steve on your team.
Jan Tabish
Senior Account Manager
Not so much of a story, more like complimenting one of the most soft-hearted, caring, hard-working people I've met. Jan not only looks out for her clients but her employer. She has always looked out for the well-being of our company. She now resides elsewhere--where she is needed--but we've missed her ever since! If she reads this, make sure she knows, we miss her, and we wish her the best!
Denise Martinez
Customer Service
Denise is the only point of contact I have at Reddaway who can smoothly handle moving my product from Canada to its U.S. destinations. When I get stuck in Dispatch, she is the one who gets me out. Do not let her go. In fact, may I suggest a monetary incentive to carry on with her great customer service.
Pete Hirsch
Account Manager
Pete was my first sales rep...I have to say that he knows customer service. He shouldn't be a sales rep. Management fits him better. I hardly say that about anyone. He walked off the street and said my business looked like I had lots of LTL shipments, and I do. He earned my account very quickly. Any time I had a problem, it only took one email to fix it, just one. I never had to repeat myself and really don't have that kind of time. He also follows up without me asking, which makes me feel valued. I fell in love with Reddaway because of his customer service ability, his sympathy (even when something went wrong, he found an awesome way to say sorry). He just asked the terminal what went wrong and makes sure it won't happen again. That is power and powerful for me. I am sorry he is no longer my rep. Anyway, I wanted to let Reddaway know that you have an excellent employee amongst your team! I want to give a shout out to Pete!
Shaun Avant
Account Manager
Stand-up guy who always helps and does not move on until the issue is resolved. In our area we have had numerous salesman over the last few years. Shaun takes over our account until a new salesman is assigned. He always treats me as if I was one of his customers. You are lucky to have a team player like Shaun! Shaun works for both the customer and Reddaway.
Jason Breen
Account Manager

I would like to thank the whole team at our local terminal in Missoula. They are my "go to" LTL service because they really go the extra mile from our dock all the way through to the receiving end. Their drivers are professional, patient, and take excellent care of our product. I appreciate that they are willing to take the time to help arrange and block our spots at pickup as well as adding cardboard and ratchet straps to bumper and cushion our more sensitive/delicate items. I also work closely with their office staff booking shipments, and confirming transit times. Everyone I deal with on the phone is pleasant, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about their job. Top shelf customer service all around keeps me a very satisfied customer, and I often recommend Reddaway to other folks in my field that have transportation needs. Jason and Clint really understand the specific needs of our business at Big Sky Brewing Company and make every effort to ensure that both our inbound and outbound shipments go as planned. I can always count on Reddaway to take good care of our product. Thank you!

Doug Stubbs
Local Driver
I have worked at House of Clean since 2001 and have dealt with Doug from the beginning. We ship pallets of product out each week from our Bozeman warehouse to our Missoula warehouse. Doug will actually call me if he doesn't see a pick up request come through for us, which is extremely helpful when I forget to mark the "Schedule Pickup" when doing my BOL online.
Bruce Parsons
Local Driver
We just love it when Bruce pulls up with a big smile on his face. He is always very personable and willing to give whatever help is needed with our shipments. We couldn't ask for better service than Bruce provides for us. :)
Cathleen Gerwick
Customer Service
We recently brought back Primesource in large part due to Cathy's attention to detail and innovation. Client need was appointments with service in 2 day lanes. Cathy was able to code their inbound profile and gain visibility to the inbound while it is in transit allowing us to deliver on the due date with the appointment matching what Old Dominion does according to the client. Seeing freight almost daily now due to this effort. Thank you Cathy!