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Reddaway Today

The Golden State service you need . . . guaranteed

To, from, and within The Golden State, Reddaway has all of your California shipping needs covered.

With an expansive footprint, more next-day lanes, and a host of service options, Reddaway delivers your California shipments on-time, claim-free, and when you need them.

Take, for example, one of our newest customers, Oly, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of home furnishings headquartered in Berkeley, CA. With facilities in Reno and Berkeley, Oly requires fast and reliable shipping services.

Tammy Miles, Oly Supervisor of Reno Operations, explained why her company chose Reddaway.

"We started doing business with Reddaway six to seven months ago," Tammy said. "We primarily used just one carrier for the entire U.S., but were open to adding a regional carrier if they had service standards that met our needs."

Reddaway account executive Robert Fuss, the Reddaway team in Reno, and every link on our California network have delivered the industry-leading service Oly requires.

"Reddaway has performed extremely well on the limited lanes we initially were testing," Tammy said. "We've experienced no service failures and no claims. Now Reddaway handles our largest market state, California, and we are working toward expanding that to include the entire Reddaway footprint."

Tammy also shared the benefits of Reddaway's Guaranteed Services.

"Response to our customers' needs is a priority for us, and we occasionally need next-morning service into our Berkeley facility. We have used Reddaway's 9:00 a.m. and noon guaranteed service with great success so far."

With unmatched next-day service, region-leading on-time and claim-free percentages, and a host of guaranteed and expedited options, Reddaway provides the best in California shipping.

To bring Reddaway expertise to your supply chain, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

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