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The best LTL service in your own backyard

March 20, 2012 —Nowadays, simply hearing the term "Customer Service" can inspire headaches for many of us with unpleasant images of automated call centers and endless holding patterns.

While the business practices of many companies have turned "Customer Service" into a negative, Reddaway has remained positively committed to doing those two simple words justice. This distinction is one of the qualities that allows us to maintain long-term, positive relationships with our customers.

Take multiple-award-winning Orenco Systems for example . . . Orenco Systems, a global leader in sustainable wastewater management solutions based out of Sutherlin, OR, has been shipping with Reddaway for 26 years. Their affordable, efficient technologies have been leading the industry in being "green" since before "green" was even a buzzword. Their products are sold through over 500 distribution points worldwide.

Despite their expansive, global reach, Orenco still values the regional expertise that Reddaway provides. Orenco traffic manager Chris Semreau expressed the significance of reliable, local service to their operations: "Having a local hub really helps us. The local Reddaway terminal (Roseburg, OR) allows us more time to have our product ready and loaded on the trailer, and still make the cut-off for standard delivery times. It also means we can get extra trailers for busy days with short notice, and have multiple trailers staged at our facility when needed."

But it's not only by virtue of convenience that Reddaway remains Orenco's preferred shipping partner. Chris Semreau went on to explain that our unmatched value, performance, and customer service makes sticking with Reddaway a no-brainer.

"Now that we have grown, there are many freight carriers competing with Reddaway for our business. Outstanding service, very competitive rates, a local terminal, and a longstanding relationship with the ability to talk to a live person when we have an issue, means that Reddaway continues to carry approximately 80%+ of our LTL freight (based on lane availability etc.)."

"Reddaway account manager Bryan Nelson is very proactive and rarely more than 2 to 3 weeks go by without some sort of contact or checking in. Reddaway Regional Vice President Carl Hicks has visited our facility and is always available to help as well. And terminal administrator Becky Gausnell is always quick to respond to any questions or needs that we have."

Chris Semreau concluded, "As the traffic manager, I am confident Orenco is being diligent with our customer's freight dollar by getting top notch service at the best possible value with Reddaway."

This article was previously published in our Reddaway Today (RT) e-newsletter, March, 2012.

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