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High-speed and high-quality service open door to Jeld-Wen

As shown above (L/R): Mike Quatman (Jeld Wen General Manager),  Travis Henson (Reddaway Account Manager), and Joe Kuykendal (Jeld Wen Asst. Gen. Mgr.).

March 13, 2012 — One- and two-day deliveries opened the door to satisfying the shipping needs of Klamath Falls-based Jeld-Wen. To keep it open, the giant maker of doors, windows and other building parts, which employs 20,000 people in more than 20 countries, demands safe deliveries along with speed.

Reddaway meets that demand with over 98 percent damage-free delivery of exterior doors shipped from the Jeld-Wen plant in Chiloquin, OR, to more than 200 locations in seven states.

Reddaway picks up shipments at the Chiloquin plant every day. "We run 70 to 100 bills out of Chiloquin a week," said Mike Quatman, general manager of the company's Jeld-Wen Door Systems division.

Ninety-five percent of those bills are special order business for a big box retailer of home improvement products. The doors are shipped to stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Nevada.

"I need to service 129 stores out of here and another 90 with special orders. That's well over 200 stores. Reddaway can reach any store in the required lead times," said Mike.

Predictable deliveries are essential to Jeld-Wen's special order business for the big box retailer, explains Travis Henson, Reddaway account manager. "Jeld-Wen has ten days from the date a custom-made door is ordered to deliver it. They choose Reddaway because the one- and two-day lanes in our network give them at least seven days to manufacture a custom-made door."

Mike credits Travis with developing solutions that led to a 100 percent improvement in damage-free deliveries in just six months. "Travis has done a great job. We would not be at this point without the folks at Reddaway listening and understanding our needs for on-time delivery without damage. Reddaway is uniquely set up to help us meet our commitments," said Mike.

Our team of sales and customer service professionals is ready to find the best Reddaway solution for your on-time and damage-free regional LTL shipping needs.

This article was previously published in our Reddaway Today (RT) e-newsletter, March, 2012.

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