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Taking customer appreciation to new heights

Anyone who has spent some time in the Los Angeles basin has probably caught a glimpse of the famous Goodyear blimp flying overhead--but few have had the opportunity to witness the view from the opposite side.

As a long-standing customer and partner, Reddaway was invited by Goodyear to a "bucket list" day in the blimp. Reddaway Account Manager Randy Gardner offered the experience to valued regional customers.

Twenty-eight customers from the Downey, Compton, and Orange facilities joined us on March 14 for a day among the clouds. Not a single person missed it. Some individuals took vacation days from work to ensure their ride in one of America's most beloved non-rigid airships.

"The great people at Goodyear provided us with a wonderful day on their Spirit of America blimp. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with good people, nice weather, great conversation, and of course, incredible views," said Randy Gardner.

Although not quite comparable to the blimp, we can put our customers on cloud nine with on time, damage-free service. For industry-leading performance for your shipping, go online or call at 1-888-420-8960.

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