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A rolling warehouse for consumers

Next-day service to and from three Reddaway terminals in the heart of California provides food, energy and outdoor fun to eager consumers. 

The terminals are FresnoSanta Maria and Bakersfield, all managed by Tim Sennett.

The three terminals are in California's Central Valley, a huge agricultural area known as the world's greatest garden. Deliveries a day after pickup are an advantage for growers and food processors.

At the Santa Maria facility, inbound products such as bottles, labels, chemicals and boxes are bound for the wineries on the coast. All are high-priority products moving on overnight lanes.

The Bakersfield area centers on oil production. "The oil fields rely on Reddaway to provide next-day delivery from the makers of drilling machinery out of Los Angeles and the heavy machinery from Reno," said Tim.

In the Golden State, any shipment related to outdoor recreation is a priority shipment needing next-day service.

"We have several motorcycle supply warehouses in and around Fresno, an outdoor clothing company, and a firm that makes and distributes hitches for vehicles. The Northern California  Valley and coastal areas have a large demand for outdoor goods as well, and they are all reachable in one day," said Tim.

Fresno, Santa Maria and Bakersfield are perfectly positioned to serve warehouses in Reno, which are within three to seven hours of the biggest California markets. All are next-day lanes.

"Reddaway drivers understand the importance of one-day service. Customers run out of product, place the order that night to a distribution center, and count on us to deliver it the next day. We have become the rolling warehouses for consumers," said Tim.

Reddaway is ready to serve your regional shipping needs with industry-leading speed, reliability and expertise to, from and within California. For more information on our California capabilities or to schedule a shipment call 1-888-420-8960 or go online.

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