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Cultivating an exceptional delivery experience

Granite Seed is known for the exceptional quality of its seeds and erosion control products. Yet the Lehi, Utah-based company understands betters products are never enough. To gain a market advantage, its products have to arrive in the time and manner customers require--whatever the obstacles.

Numerous obstacles arose as Angela Sears of Granite Seed steered eleven trucks from Montana to Denver for a store opening in March.

"Weather, accidents and unforeseen incidents definitely put a crimp on staying on schedule for our opening," Angela said.

Fortunately, her company's shipments were on Reddaway trucks and Lori Ray, appointment clerk/customer service at the Reddaway terminal in Denver, CO was monitoring the move.

"Lori adjusted trucks, had multiple trailers dropped so we could stay on schedule, and really made my job a lot easier and helped greatly," explained Angela.

Responsiveness as well as flexibility are essential to successful deliveries. Lori offers both to her customers. "I appreciated Lori's timeliness, happy personality and willingness keep me abreast of all situations," said Angela.

"The one thing that Granite Seed gets from Reddaway that they can't get elsewhere is exceptional customer service," said Jim Whitbread, Denver service center manager. 

Added Jim, "Lori goes above and beyond for our customers and takes great pride in what she does. We have a great team in Denver, and Lori exemplifies what Denver and Reddaway are all about: great customer service coupled with great execution."

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