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Find your focus, and enhance your efficiency

We're all familiar with the fatigue that comes over the course of a long day in front of the computer. For some it comes in the morning, others after lunch, but for almost all, it is part of our routine.

While many of us have our own methods and strategies of dealing with the desk-job doldrums, the following list provides some tips that might help you improve upon your efficiencies, and keep focused.

--Recognize your own rhythm: We all hit our lulls at different times. Recognizing when your own strikes is essential to productivity. Organize your daily tasks so that the least brain-intensive ones can be done during a lull. If you're uncertain about when you lose your stride, or simply don't trust yourself, try out a time-tracking app such as RescueTime to monitor your productivity.

--Disentangle from the web: Although the Internet is absolutely essential for most of us--it is also an endless sea of tantalizing time-wasters. Delete bookmarks and shortcuts to the sites that distract you the most. Log out of accounts such as Facebook. Put one more barrier between you and procrastination. And if you still can't resist your favorite funny cat photo blog, try time-monitoring browser plugins such as LeechBlock for Firefox or the above mentioned RescueTime for Google Chrome.

--Don't forget to breathe: Finally, productivity is virtually impossible when you don't allow yourself breaks. Find what works best for you to grease your wheels and stave off collapse. Be it social stimulation, physical exercise, or relaxation techniques, it's important to take occasional breaks in order to prevent burn-out and to improve health.

These few tips and tools are just some of the ways you can help to make the most of your time, and maintain your psychological well-being when busy at work.

As it's a problem virtually all of us face, there is a wealth of tools and advice on the subject available online.

Try this blog post, for instance, to find more apps and tools to keep you on track.

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