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A Smoking Hot Delivery

Reddaway team members routinely overcome obstacles to ensure customers get their deliveries. It’s not often, though, that a Reddaway driver has to worry about a wildfire.

Reddaway City Driver Gary James had a delivery for Blue Lion Dulcimers and Guitars in Santa Margarita, CA. His route, like the routes of most of the eight drivers in our Fresno terminal, is unusual. His route is along the CA coast in a hilly, mainly rural area. Most stops are at home-based businesses with narrow driveways off of winding, often one-way roads.

James usually calls his customers to be sure they will be there to accept delivery. However, he had a different reason to call Blue Lion. Wildfires were raging around that area, so he needed to be sure the company would be open . . . and not in a fire zone. He was assured they were open for business, so he made the delivery.

The letter of appreciation from the owner of Blue Lion said James couldn't have done a better job. 

She wrote that he arrived exactly on time and was cheerful and helpful, even though it was a blisteringly hot day and the air was thick with wildfire smoke. The store owner wrote about her "absolute amazement at his courtesy and helpfulness."

When Gary learned about the customer testimonial, he wanted to be sure everyone in the terminal was recognized because they always work as a team. 

His attitude didn't surprise Terminal Manager Tim Sennett: "Call him and he answers the phone 'This is Gary with Reddaway, how can we make your day better?' He goes out of his way to take care of every customer."

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