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Reddaway Today

Reddaway is Proud to Announce Two New Team Members

We'd like to introduce Bill Amos, the new Vice President of Human Resources and Safety at Reddaway.

Bill comes to Reddaway with vast experience in his profession. He has held executive positions in transportation, education and distribution. Bill joined Team Reddaway on August 3, 2015.

He shared, "It's obvious that Reddaway has a long and proud history in transportation and customer service. That pride shines through at our terminals and offices. Our employees work hard to take care of our customers. We provide unmatched award-winning next-day and two-day western regional LTL service."

We'd also like to introduceDana McGowan, Reddaway's newCustomer Service Manager who joined the team August 24, 2015. Dana is driven by the rich sense of satisfaction she receives by providing great customer service. "I enjoy the fulfillment in resolving a problem and taking that weight off the customer's shoulders."

Dana employs a positive, collaborative approach to motivate herself and her team. "Everyone wants to feel a valued part of a great team. What impressed me from day one was the 'family-like' environment at Reddaway. People are genuinely happy here, and it shows in the excellent customer service being provided."

If you'd like to be a part of Team Reddaway, visit our Careers Center today.

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