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Reddaway Today

We hire the best. We hire former military, like Louis Geisler.

The June issue of G.I. Jobs:Your Guide to Civilian Success spotlighted Reddaway driver Louis Geisler, city driver from Sacramento, CA (p. 76). Louis served as a Sergeant in the Army.

Louis was asked about his job hunt and replied: "Job hunting was really hard. I got out during the height of a bad economy, and it was hard to find a job. I tried several things before I found a good fit."

When asked what was the best thing about his driving job at Reddaway, Louis answered: "I'm on my own--I don't have a boss watching over me. And it keeps me in shape."

His best tip for transitioning into civilian life: "Find a trade or occupation that is in demand. When I found out that truck drivers were in demand and what they could make, I decided to get my CDL."

Thank you for your service, Sergeant Geisler.

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