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Not Just Another Delivery

When you do the same thing every day, it might be easy to take things for granted. Repetition can cause some people to forget howimportant service is to their customers.

"For me it's my next delivery,"Dennis Scudder said, "but for my customer I always feel it's something special they've been looking forward to receiving."

And one of Dennis' customers was so pleased he decided to write a thank-you.

"In a world where too many people are only interested in getting from Point A to Point B, Dennis was the exception," the customer wrote. "He was highly professional, careful in unloading and delivery, and extremely thorough in his process of checking the package and making sure I was happy with the service."

Dennis' Terminal Manager in Boise wasn't surprised. "Dennis has been with us for less than two years, but I have already had several phone calls from customers with compliments," explained Mac Jones. "I knew when I first talked to Dennis that I had to hire him. He's a classy guy and a real professional."

In addition to his high marks in customer service, he is also earning recognition for hissafety focus. His perfect safety record earned him a trip to last year's Idaho Truck Driving Competition. It was his first time competing, and he earned a third-place trophy.

"Things can sometimes happen," Dennis said. "If the customer doesn't know what's happening, he could get anxious. In most cases, all it takes is a phone call in advance to keep him informed."

Dennis says that communication is part of being a professional which is something they work hard on in Boise. "We want everyone in our terminal to act like a professional," Mac said. "Whether they are dealing with internal customers or external customers, we try to treat everyone with respect and professionalism. That's the best way to leave a smile on every customer's face."

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