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Reddaway Isn’t Just on a Quest for Quality, We’re Making It Happen 99.8% of the Time

Reddaway -- nearly a century of team work and service excellence. We deliver over 50,000 Guaranteed shipments annually across the Western region and have a wide array of Guaranteed services to meet any shipment schedule.

To increase supply chain effectiveness, our services include time-definite, day and time-specific deliveries, as well as expedited. Each service is timed to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our Guaranteed delivery provides precise deliveries with the following arrival times:

  • Before 9:00 A.M.
  • Before Noon
  • Before 3:30 P.M.
  • Friday to Monday

Whether it’s just-in-time logistics, retail deliveries and installations or other demands for delivery precision, our Guaranteed Window service means shipments arrive exactly when they’re needed – not early, not late. This service was specifically designed to provide consistent, on-time delivery for suppliers shipping to retailers with stringent window delivery requirements. Guaranteed Window helps improve retail scorecard results and avoids costly chargebacks. For even more precision, Guaranteed Window deliveries can arrive within a:

  • Single-Hour Window
  • Multi-Hour Window
  • Single-Day Window
  • Multi-Day Window

99.8 percent of Guaranteed shipments are delivered on time. That’s not just impressive -- it’s best-in-class, and what we call Best in the West shipping.

“Best” isn’t a word we take lightly. The 0.2 percent of Guaranteed shipments experiencing a delay get escalated to our war room. Reddaway senior management, including president, Bob Stone, look at each delivery’s circumstances and implement improvements going forward.

We’re committed to quality on-time service across the West Coast. Our quest has only just begun!