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In-Cab Sensors Support Safety

Today’s trucks already include an incredible array of technology to reduce emissions and increase mileage. The newest technology we are adding to Reddaway tractors is focused on increasing safety.

“All new tractors purchased in 2015 came factory-equipped with three systems to help avoid collisions and ensure our drivers return to the terminal safely after every trip,” says Reddaway Director of Maintenance Eric Whitaker. “Our drivers are the most important element when it comes to safe operations. New technology is being added to help them stay safe every mile.”

The new systems perform three valuable safety functions.

  • Forward-looking radar senses the distance to the next vehicle. The system sounds an alert if the gap between the tractor and the vehicle closes too quickly and will even apply the brakes if the vehicle gets dangerously close.
  • Side sensors warn the driver with a rumble-strip noise if the rig drifts left or right out of its lane. If a turn signal is used the warning sound is not needed.
  • Sensors illuminate a red light if there’s someone in the truck’s blind spot and green if it’s clear, letting the driver know whether it’s clear to change lanes.
The new systems have already helped one driver avoid a possible collision with a vehicle that stopped short. This technology will continue to reduce accidents and injuries, and help get our customers’ shipments delivered safely to their destination.