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Access Alaska with Reddaway

There's a reason Alaska is called “The Last Frontier.” Its expansive natural beauty, rugged landscapes and often unforgiving climate offer wonder and opportunity, as well as hardship and challenges. Its natural bounty has created some of the largest lumber, oil and fishing industries in North America. At the same time, its long, dark winters and rough terrain present difficulties for daily life and commerce.

Alaska's wealth of opportunity means many want to do business there. Its many challenges means those people need experts to guide the way.

And Reddaway is an Alaskan expert you can rely on. Reddaway extends the same Quest for Quality award winning service it offers in the lower 48 straight to the heart of Alaska. By joining forces with our best-in-class partners at Span Alaska, Reddaway delivers speed, reliability and unmatched customer service to the Last Frontier.

Together, Reddaway and Span Alaska share a combined 145 years of Alaskan experience. Our teams are seamlessly integrated to ensure the fastest and most efficient shipping to Alaska you can find. Professional drivers, electronic tracking and dedicated customer service provide our customers with dependability and transparency to ensure an uninterrupted supply-chain. Meanwhile, our hassle-free, one-quote, one-invoice, one-call system means you don't have to sweat the details.

When you see Alaska on a map of the United States, it is hard to appreciate its true scope. In reality, Alaska is over twice the size of Texas. If you were to superimpose a scale map of Alaska over a map of the lower 48, Alaska would stretch all the way across the country - from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific.

That's a lot of land, but our extensive Alaskan coverage allows you to deliver door-to-door service across more of the state. From Anchorage to Fairbanks and Kenai to Kodiak, Reddaway provides safe, reliable passage to the “Land of the Midnight Sun.”

Reddaway makes two weekly sailings from the Port of Tacoma, WA to six points across the state of Alaska.

Gain access to Alaska's many opportunities, with the reliability and expertise of Reddaway. Our cost-efficient Alaska services open your business doors to one of the richest states in the country for less.