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Speeding Your Freight Over The Weekend

Weekends are for relaxing, spending time away from work and enjoying life. That is unless you have an urgent delivery on Friday that has to arrive by Monday. Then you can search for a carrier to make your delivery and spend the weekend worrying about whether it will arrive on time.

There is a worry-free, hassle-free option for getting your Friday deliveries where they need to be by 3:30 Monday; reach out to Reddaway for our Guaranteed Friday to Monday Service. Whether it’s a one-time urgent shipment, or you need a consistent option to get faster speed to market, shorter order-cycle times and lower inventory carrying costs, Reddaway offers you a solution that accelerates Friday 2-day shipments to next-day delivery on Monday.

Reduce your shipping time by a day, without the higher cost of air freight or dedicated expedited service. No worries about the safety of your delivery. Reddaway has a 99% damage-free record that means less hassles and fewer delays.

Your freight moves faster on a network built for speed, with the largest regional footprint in the western U.S. and Canada. Your questions or concerns will be answered by our superior customer service team, dedicated professionals who know the region, understand your needs and are ready to do what it takes to get your freight where it needs to be.

To take advantage of this fast, reliable service, call us at 888-420-8960 or schedule your shipment online by going to, choose Guaranteed Services from our Services list, and clicking the Guaranteed Friday to Monday tab. Then relax and enjoy your weekend. With our 99.6% on-time delivery record, you can be confident your shipment will arrive Monday by 3:30.