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It's All About Whether You Know Your Customer

In order to deliver great customer service, you first need to understand and know your customers and their supply chain needs. Part of this you can learn by driving the corresponding route with regular customers over a length of time.

Reddaway City Driver Bruce Parsons has been able to get to know his customers in a way that few other professionals can. For the past 28 years, each morning at 5 a.m., Bruce sets out on a 150-mile route around Grants Pass, Oregon. He covers familiar ground, sees familiar businesses and is greeted by familiar faces. His customers are a part of his community and this connection allows him to provide them with the best possible service.

“A nice thing about being on the same route is that you get to know the people, and what they need from me to help them make a living,” Bruce says. “You learn about the little things that are a help to them, something as simple as handing them the packing list off the pallet. I just do what I know will make each customer happy. And if something urgent or special comes up, most of them have my cell phone number so they can call me.”

That approach to customer service recently drew a huge compliment from one of the stops on Bruce’s route, Culver Enterprises. The owner, Ned Culver, contacted the Medford terminal to describe how Bruce always goes above and beyond with his customer service approach and is the best driver this customer has ever had.

Medford Terminal Manager Pat Roetker isn’t surprised when he receives comments like that about Bruce. It’s something that happens regularly.

“I have been doing this for 30 years or more, and I can tell you it’s hard to find people like Bruce,” Pat says. “He is 100% driven by the customer, one of those hardworking, old-school guys who always goes above and beyond to take care of them. I have been blessed with a really good staff that’s been here for a while, including Bruce and a lot of other people like him who are always doing what’s best for our customers.”

Bruce actually brought in the Culver account. While making a delivery, he talked with the owner and convinced him that Reddaway should be his carrier. Bruce has been handling all of Culver’s freight since.

“I searched around and did business with at least five different carriers over the years,” recalls Ned. “The first time Bruce made a delivery to us, it was clear he was a standout, and I had found the company we wanted to do business with. His service has really encouraged me to stay with Reddaway.”

Most companies like the idea that their customers are always thinking about them and their services or products. Bruce sees it differently.

“You don’t want the customer to think about Reddaway,” Bruce says. “If they have to think about us, then we are doing something wrong. I want my customers to never have to think about us because every delivery is right. All of their freight just moves without a hitch and without a worry or thought on their part.”

Still, it’s nice when the customer does think about Reddaway, and thinks enough of the company to take the time to provide feedback about the great customer service you receive from Team Reddaway.