VOL 3, 2016

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Reddaway Continues its Support for Veterans

There are lots of great reasons to hire veterans. Some companies hire vets because it's the patriotic thing to do. Veterans have served their country and companies want to repay that service.

There's another great reason why trucking companies are eager to hire veterans. Their skills and character are a perfect match for the needs of the transportation industry. Many of the things it takes to succeed in service to our country are the same things it takes to provide great service to our customers.

"The success of any military operation requires moving people and equipment from one point to another with precision, safety and timeliness," explains T.J. O'Connor, CEO and President of Reddaway. "That's exactly what we do every day. In addition to a close match in skills, the military also requires many of the same personality traits that we look for, including self-leadership, team focus, reliability, a focus on safety and a sense of mission. Team Reddaway is proud to recruit veterans to join our transportation professionals."

Reddaway regularly meets face-to-face with job-seeking vets at employment fairs and other events. The company also participates in FASTPORT, a program created by the trucking industry in cooperation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heroes Foundation to educate, hire and inspire military veterans. Reddaway has committed to hiring 160 veterans.

Currently Reddaway employs nearly 200 veterans and is excited to expand this number.

In addition, Reddaway recently partnered with the United States Army in the Partnership for Youth Success program (PaYS). Through this program, soldiers select a PaYS partner, like Reddaway, during their enlistment process. The soldier is guaranteed an interview when they complete their training and/or first term of service. Reddaway has the opportunity to mentor these individuals on resume development and interviewing skills, and help them build better qualifications as they transition to private employment. Employer participation and commitment are key to the program's success.

On July 13, 2016, Reddaway headquarters hosted representatives from the United States Army, along with the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC), Portland Battalion, Lt. Col. Kevin Runkle to administer the Oath of Enlistment to Future Soldiers.

"It is an honor for Reddaway to be selected to participate in this program. We admire the commitment by the Army, by our employees, by the recruits and those who have served our country. Hiring vets is one of the rare instances where everyone wins. Vets benefit from a solid, stable job; our customers are served by talented, skilled veterans; and Reddaway builds our team of dedicated transportation professionals," said O'Connor.

Learn about Reddaway's expanded support of the U.S. Military by watching a video of the event.