VOL 3, 2016

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Building a Smarter Supply Chain

It's called a "supply chain" for a good reason. Moving products from the point of origin to the retailer or consumer can require many transportation-related activities or steps--the "links" in your supply chain. You want the most efficient, reliable and affordable supply chain that meets your organization's shipping needs.

Reddaway can draw from our extensive menu of services to create a customized solution to streamline your supply chain, getting your shipments where they need to be faster and with less hassle. Some of those services include Consolidation, Distribution, and Pool Distribution.

  • Consolidation brings together shipments from many sources at an intermediate terminal or warehouse. This many-to-one approach can save money by combining LTL pickups across a region to create a more cost-effective truckload shipment to the intermediate destination.
  • Distribution is the opposite side of the picture, taking your shipments from a single point of origin and delivering them to many destinations. This one-to-many approach could include a truckload or partial truckload move of multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments from your origin to our service center, where freight is then distributed to multiple destinations.
  • Pool distribution allows businesses to consolidate their LTL shipments with compatible freight from other companies destined for the same area or region.

Our extensive regional network, cross-dock capabilities and experienced workforce create cost-effective solutions to meet your individual needs. Within the Reddaway operating region, shippers can rely on our 50 service centers to reach points in 12 western states and western Canada. Beyond our region, Reddaway partners with sister companies Holland and New Penn to provide coverage across North America.

Consolidation, distribution, and pool distribution services can all be part of a tailored solution to minimize delays, reduce shipping and warehouse costs, and create the shortest, simplest supply chain possible. Maintain a smooth and efficient flow of products to/from your business. Reduce overall costs and enhance customer satisfaction with Reddaway. Call 888-420-8960 today.