VOL 3, 2016

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Maintenance Shops Set Safety Milestones

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Be Safe. Be Great.

That's the simple safety mantra at Reddaway--a message that employees repeatedly hear in their safety meetings, see on posters and banners, and get frequent reminders about from their Maintenance Managers and Safety representatives: Be Safe. Be Great.

When it comes to safety, Reddaway has a number of shops that have achieved greatness. These shops perform the service that keeps the Reddaway fleet in top shape and ready to reliably deliver customer shipments. These teams work with heavy machinery performing tasks that require absolute attention to detail.

You've no doubt seen signs outside of various commercial or industrial facilities that announce its employees have worked a certain number of days without a lost-time injury. At several Reddaway shops their safety success isn't measured in days--it's measured in years!

The three-man team in the Phoenix terminal's shop is the current record holder. They haven't seen a lost-time injury since 2002! The eight employees in the Salt Lake City shop are next with a 10-year no-injury record.

Larry Grasteit, the Area Maintenance Manager for these terminals, says they stay safe by making it a point to address every potential safety issue that comes up, right down to something as simple as a damaged outlet. Larry also tries to make safety personal by reminding employees of first-hand experiences regarding people who failed to focus on safety and were injured as a result.

Next in line with long, injury-free records are the Medford, OR; Seattle, WA and Spokane, WA shops--all with more than six years of working safely.

"Our constant goal is the health and welfare of all employees," says Reddaway Director of Maintenance Eric Whitaker. "The injury-free records at these shops is most significant because it means that not one person went home with an injury. It's also important to our customers and our company because working injury-free reduces possible delays in making customer deliveries and employees return safely home to their families. Everyone benefits from working injury-free."

These shops can all feel justifiably proud of their records, but another Reddaway facility achieved a safety milestone earlier this year. What makes it impressive isn't just the length of the shop's injury-free streak--although at over seven years--it was quite a streak. Instead, it's the total man-hours worked without an injury.

The Fontana, CA shop is the largest garage in the Reddaway system, with over 30 full-time employees over three shifts. When you do the math, that means the Fontana team worked more than a half-million hours injury-free. That puts Fontana's total, injury-free man-hours at least 100,000 beyond any of the current injury-free terminals. Their amazing streak ended in March but the team's safety culture means they are hard at work creating their next impressive record with every employee returning home safely at the end of their shift.

Reddaway Area Equipment Manager Greg Newland says he was impressed by the team's response to the setback. "It was tough for them to have their record come to an end," Greg says, "But instead of showing anger or disappointment, they just committed to start building a new and even longer record. Thatā€™s the kind of commitment to safety they have in Fontana."