VOL 3, 2016

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Reddaway Represented by Champions of Safety at 2016 NTDC

Four Reddaway professional drivers qualified to compete at the 2016 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) this past weekend in Indianapolis, IN.

From August 10-13, these champions of safety put their knowledge and skills to the test against the "best of the best" professional drivers in the country.

Commonly referred to as "The Super Bowl of Safety," the NTDC is an annual truck driving competition that challenges drivers to navigate complex maneuverability courses, perform pre-trip inspections, and take written tests on safety, regulations and the industry. To qualify for the NTDC, drivers must have placed first in their respective state-level competitions, and have maintained a collision-free driving record for the entire year prior.

Because of these stringent requirements, simply qualifying for the national competition is a major accomplishment in and of itself, earning these drivers the title of safety superstars. We are very proud of this year's Reddaway competitors:

  • Brian Brager (City Driver/Burlington, WA) - Washington State 5-Axle Champion
  • Eddie Carraud (City Driver/Los Angeles, CA) - California State 4-Axle Champion
  • Ryan Harris (City Driver/Billings, MT) - Montana State 4-Axle Champion
  • Aslalyi "Osh" Wilkes (Linehaul Driver/Portland, OR) - Oregon State 4-Axle Champion

A special “shout out” to Osh Wilkes for coming in fifth in the nation in the 4-Axle class. Great job, driver!

By dedicating their free time to practicing and attending these competitions, these four drivers have demonstrated an intense commitment to safety and self-improvement that we can all learn from. With world-class drivers behind our wheels, Reddaway is able to provide superior performance and unrivaled reliability to our customers. A safe driver is a dependable driver, and dependability keeps your supply-chain sailing smoothly.

We'd like to thank and congratulate them for their commitment to safety and for representing Team Reddaway at Nationals! Go Reddaway!