VOL 3, 2016

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Reddaway Hero Rescues Family from Fire

Last month Reddaway city driver Wade Cline from our Seattle, WA terminal provided a service to a family that isn't included in our standard offerings.

While on his way to make a delivery in Auburn, WA, Wade witnessed a power line crashing down in the front yard of a nearby home. When a row of bushes lining the front of the house caught fire, Wade ran toward the front door to notify the residents.

After some difficulty getting the resident's attention, Wade opened the front door to find a woman and her infant son in a back room. Wade safely escorted the woman and child out of the home, and reentered the burning building two more times--once for their dog, and again to retrieve keys to the car parked in the drive. Once they were safe, Wade stayed with the family until the fire department arrived.

When asked what motivated him to take action that day, Wade said that it simply felt like the right thing to do.

"I believe that you should treat people the way you want to be treated," Wade said. "I live my life by that rule. I would want someone to do the same if it were my family."

Also present that day was Officer Darrell Jones of the Auburn Police Department, who sent us an email commending Wade on his actions. In fact, if it weren't for Officer Jones, we might never had heard of Wade's bravery.

"I was able to find out from a witness that your driver Wade Cline performed a very brave act," Officer Jones wrote. "In my profession it is rare for us to be able to acknowledge the bravery that citizens conduct. I am taking this opportunity today and hope that Reddaway does the same."

It is with great pride that we are doing the same. As a 10-year Army veteran, Wade is familiar with sacrifice, but his actions that day went above and beyond the call of duty. We would like to thank Wade for his selfless act of heroism, and for representing Reddaway with bravery.