VOL 1, 2017

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Online Retail Strategies and Warehousing

Online shoppers love the selection, the convenience of shopping from home, and the lower prices they typically pay. The biggest dislike for most online shoppers? Having to wait several days for their purchase to arrive.

Online retailers are striving to overcome that issue by positioning their products closer to consumers. This trend has launched an incredible boom in warehousing.

Leasing agents are having a hard time keeping up with demand for current warehouse space and builders are frantically erecting new mega-warehouses across the country to keep up with requests.

As the number and size of warehouses grows, retailers are experiencing a new set of problems--keeping those warehouses stocked and moving products from the warehouses to their customers.

Reddaway can help! We eliminate delays as well as reduce shipping and storage costs with our Consolidation & Distribution services.

"Warehouses tend to be located near population centers," explains Steve Selvig, Reddaway Vice President of Sales/Marketing. "Reddaway's network of over 50 service centers throughout the western states puts us closer to these population centers. That positions us to perfectly meet retailers' needs in this region for fast, reliable service."

Reddaway has the capacity and services to handle large inbound shipments moving products into this expanding network of warehouses. Reddaway also provides delivery to customer locations, with guaranteed services that let the shipper set a specific time and day for delivery to meet their customer commitments. Links to Reddaway's partner companies, Holland in the Midwest and New Penn in the Northeast, provide one-stop shopping for freight inbound from these regions.

"Reddaway's nearly 100 years of transporting freight (including our Consolidation & Distribution services) gives us tremendous insights into how to most effectively meet the needs of customers who rely on warehousing as part of their supply chain," Selvig says.

Whether it's a full trailer of products inbound to a warehouse or a single item on its way from the warehouse to the customer, Reddaway has the range of services to ensure the shortest possible wait for online buyers' purchases to arrive.

Call 888-420-8960 to learn how we can support your online retail strategy and speed the arrival of delivery to your customers.