VOL 1, 2017

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Making a Grandmother's Day

The play structure was installed and ready to use in Sabrina's Templeton, CA backyard. To avoid any bumps and bruises on her grandkids, she ordered four tons of crumb rubber to scatter under the structure.

However, when the Reddaway truck pulled up in front of her house, and Sabrina was faced with the reality of carrying 160 bags of crumb rubber (50 pounds each) from the driveway to her back yard, she briefly wondered whether that play structure was really such a good idea.

"The driver just smiled and told me not to worry because he could get the truck pretty close to the play structure," Sabrina says.

"It was amazing to see how skillfully he backed up my driveway, right next to the gate, and set the pallets down. He saved me hours of hard labor, and was so friendly, fast and professional about it."

Gary James, the Reddaway Pickup and Delivery City Driver from the Santa Maria terminal who made that delivery, was pleased but a bit mystified that Sabrina took time to write and thank Reddaway for his work.

"We operate in a rural area with lots of residential deliveries, so we do this kind of thing all the time," Gary says.

"She told me her husband gets his motor home in there, so I knew I could get my truck in. I think all the drivers in our terminal would have done the same thing. It only took me a few minutes, but it saved her from hauling all of that rubber bag-by-bag."

In describing Gary, Sabrina said "I worked in retail for thirty years, and I know that great employees like Gary are hard to find, and their good work is often overlooked.

"I am sure he treats all his customers the same way he treated me. Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure he got some recognition for the outstanding job he did."

By employing the very best drivers in the industry, Reddaway ensures our customers receive the very best in on-time, damage-free service. Drivers like Gary James exemplify exactly what it means to be "The Best in the West."