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Email Shipment Status Tutorial

About Email Shipment Status

Our Email Shipment Status tool offers the ability to request information about your shipment status for individual PRO numbers or for all shipments associated with your account number. Click:

  • View Notifications to see a list of notifications you've already set up.
  • Create Notifications to create a new notification associated with your account.
  • View Subscriptions to see a list of subscriptions you've already set up.
  • Create Subscriptions to create a new subscription associated with your account.

Request a PRO Status Notification

  1. Click the View Existing Notifications button to review a list of the PRO numbers and events about which you have requested email notification.
  2. Enter 20 or fewer PRO numbers, one per line.
  3. Select the events about which you would like to receive notification.
  4. Enter 20 or fewer email addresses, one address per line, to receive the notifications.
  5. Click Set up Notification to submit your request; a confirmation page appears, detailing your request.


  1. The PRO number(s) of the shipment(s) for which you are requesting notifications appear in a list near the top of the page.
  2. The email addresses to which you are sending notifications are listed next.
  3. The status events about which you have chosen to be informed are listed last.

View Existing PRO Notifications

  1. Click View Existing Notifications on the Email Shipment Status request page to access a list of the shipment status notifications you have set up.
  2. If the shipment about which you want to be notified is not listed on the page, click Set up Notification to return to the request page and set up your notification.
  3. Click the check box in the first column of the row containing the PRO number for a shipment whose notification you want to edit or delete. Click a PRO number to see tracking details.
  4. Click Delete to delete the selected notification. Click Edit to change aspects of the selected notification.

Create an Account Notification Subscription

  1. Click View Subscriptions to see a list of subscriptions you have already set up.
  2. You may create a subscription for just one location associated with your account.
  3. If you want to receive notifications for all locations associated with your account, click this button, then select the carrier from which you want to receive notifications from the drop-down menu at the right.
  4. Select a service type, shipment type(s) and status type(s) about which you want to be informed.
  5. Type the email address(es) of the recipient(s) who should receive the notifications.
  6. Click Submit; a confirmation page appears detailing your subscription choices.


  1. Click Set up Notifications to return to the Subscription setup page or View Notifications to see a list of your subscriptions.
  2. The confirmation page provides the details of your choices for your subscription, beginning with service and shipment types.
  3. The location for which you have selected notifications appears next.
  4. Then, you will see the email address to which the notifications will be sent.
  5. Last is a list of the status types about which you want to be notified.

View Account Notification Subscriptions

  1. Click Create Subscription to go to the subscription setup page if you don't see the Subscription you want in the list.
  2. Click a button in the first column to edit or delete the subscription in the same row.
  3. After you have selected a subscription, click Edit or Delete at the top or bottom of the table to update or remove the subscription. A page appears when you have completed your update or deletion to confirm your action(s).