V3X3 (Major Version 3, Minor Version 3)


Rate Quote service provides a quote for shipping based on supplied parameters.

Important: shipments between 6,000 and 20,000 pounds and/or requiring six or more pallet spots or 10 or more linear feet of space on a trailer may not qualify for LTL rates. Contact customer service for a quote; do not use API web quoting services. Reddaway: 888 420 8960, Holland: 866 465 5263.

URL format (REST/URLweb service)

Request structure

Parameter Value Description
accessKey String (required) Access Key identifying the user invoking the service.
accountId String (required) Holland or Reddaway Account ID associated with login
* originCity String (* required) Origin city, must match ZIP code of origin location when direction is Shipper
* originState String (* required) Origin city, must match state of origin location when direction is Shipper
originZipCode String (required) Origin ZIP code: must match ZIP code of origin when direction is Shipper
* destCity String (* required) Destination city, must match ZIP code of origin location when direction is Consignee
* destState String (* required) Destination city, must match state of origin location when direction is Consignee
destZipCode String (required) Destination ZIP code, must match ZIP code of destination location when direction is Consignee.
direction String (required) Shipper, Consignee or 3rdParty
chargeType String (required) Prepaid or Collect
pickupDate Date (optional) Pickup date (MM-DD-YYYY); if not set, will default to today
numberOfPallets String (optional) Number of Pallets. Maximum of 25.
shipmentClass[1..5] String (required) Shipment class; minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 can be passed
shipmentWeight[1..5] Decimal (required) Shipment weight, corresponding to shipment class; minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 can be passed
addedService [1..10] String (optional) A total of 10 addedServices can be entered, which includes storageDays, sortSegregationPieces and CODAmount.

Holland values:
HazardousMaterials, ExtremeLength, LiftgateDelivery, ProtectFromFreezing, InBondShipment,
Choose one: (ResidentialDelivery or NonCommercialDelivery), InsideDeliveryGroundFloor, InsideDeliveryNotGroundFloor,

Reddaway values:
HazardousMaterials, ExtremeLength, LiftgateService, InsideDelivery, ConstructionSiteDelivery, InBondShipment, LiftgateDelivery, Choose one: (ResidentialDelivery or NonCommercialDelivery), AppointmentDelivery, ProtectFromFreezing

storageDays String (optional) Number of days for storage. Maximum number of 999. Holland-only field.
sortSegregationPieces String (optional) Number of pieces related to sort and segregate. Maximum number of 9999. Holland-only field.
ShipmentLength String (optional, required for ExtremeLength) Number of feet for ExtremeLength, as an integer. Must be less than 52 (Holland) or 26 (Reddaway).

* Note: use legacy format if ZIP code does not have multiple cities:

Response structure

Parameter Value Description
STATUS:CODE Integer Status code of the response. Valid values are:
0: Success
1: Error
STATUS:ERRORTYPE String Error type returned if applicable. Valid values are:
AUTHENTICATION_ERROR: Invalid credentials were supplied
INPUT_ERROR: Error in input parameters
PROCESSING_ERROR: Internal processing error. Please retry or contact Support
NOT_FOUND_ERROR: Requested information not found
NOT_ALL_FOUND_ERROR: Some requested information not found
STATUS:VIEW String Response View. Valid values are:
PUBLIC: Unsecured view. Returned when service is invoked with no credentials or when business rules prevent access to secured information.
SECURED: Secured View. Complete information including secured data.
ERROR: Error View.
STATUS:MESSAGE String Error message (if applicable)
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT String Version of service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST String Latest available version of this service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of latest available service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
ORIGIN:NAME String Origin Service Center Name
ORIGIN:CARRIER String Origin Service Center Company
ORIGIN:ADDRESS String Origin Service Center Address
ORIGIN:CITY String Origin Service Center City
ORIGIN:STATE String Origin Service Center State
ORIGIN:ZIP String Origin Service Center ZIP
ORIGIN:PHONE String Origin Service Center Contact Phone
ORIGIN:PHONE_TOLLFREE String Origin Service Center Toll-Free Phone
ORIGIN:FAX String Origin Service Center Fax Number
DESTINATION:NAME String Destination Service Center Name
DESTINATION:CARRIER String Destination Service Center Carrier Company
DESTINATION:ADDRESS String Destination Service Center Address
DESTINATION:CITY String Destination Service Center City
DESTINATION:STATE String Destination Service Center State
DESTINATION:ZIP String Destination Service Center ZIP
DESTINATION:PHONE String Destination Service Center Contact Phone
DESTINATION:PHONE_TOLLFREE String Destination Service Center Toll-Free Phone
DESTINATION:FAX String Destination Service Center Fax Number
ORIGIN_ZIP String Origin ZIP code
DESTINATION_ZIP String Destination ZIP code
TOTAL_COST Decimal Total Cost
MINIMUMCHARGES Decimal Minimum charges
DISCOUNTPERCENTAGE Decimal Applicable discount percentage
DISCOUNTAMOUNT Decimal Applicable discount amount
SERVICEDAYS Number Service days
INDUSTRYDAYS Number Industry transit time average computed from an independent resource
CLASSWEIGHT Multiple Class-weight information; up to 5
CLASSWEIGHT:CLASS Number Class value
CLASSWEIGHT:ASCLASS Number Effective Class value
DEFICIT Multiple Weight Deficit information; up to 5
DEFICIT:RATE Decimal Deficit rate
ASWEIGHT Multiple Effective weight information; up to 5
ASWEIGHT:ASWEIGHT Number Effective weight
ASWEIGHT:RATE Decimal Effective rate
ASWEIGHT:CHARGES Decimal Effective charges
ADDITIONALCHARGES Multiple Additional charges information; up to 5
ADDITIONALCHARGES:RATE String Additional charge
ADDITIONALCHARGES:DESCRIPTION String Additional charge description
ADDEDSERVICECHARGES Multiple Added service charges information; up to 10
ADDEDSERVICECHARGES:RATE String Added service charge
ADDEDSERVICECHARGES:AMOUNT-QUANTITY String Storage day count, sort and segregation piece count or COD Amount
SERVICEUPGRADES Multiple Special Service upgrades; up to 10
SERVICEUPGRADES:DELIVERYTIME String Delivery time description
SERVICEUPGRADES:SERVICE_TYPE String Description of service
SERVICEUPGRADES:TOTAL_COST Decimal Total cost of upgrade