URL Format Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Service


V3X1 (Major Version 3, Minor Version 1)


With the Service Guide Lookup Web Service you can view service locations by postal code.

URL format (REST/URLweb service)


Request structure

Parameter Value Description
postalCode String (required) The desired postal code(US/Canada)

Response structure

Parameter Value Description
STATUS:CODE Integer Status code of the response. Valid values are:
0: Success
1: Error
STATUS:ERROR_TYPE String Error type returned if applicable. Valid values are:
INPUT_ERROR: Error in input parameters
NOT_FOUND_ERROR: Requested information not found
CONNECTION_ERROR: Error connecting to database
STATUS:VIEW String Response View. Valid values are:
PUBLIC: Unsecured View. Returned when service is invoked with no credentials or when business rules prevent access to secured information.
ERROR: Error View.
STATUS:MESSAGE String Error message (if applicable)
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT String Version of service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST String Latest available version of this service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of latest available service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
SERVICEGUIDES:SERVICEGUIDE:CITY String Name of service location’s city.
SERVICEGUIDES:SERVICEGUIDE:STATEPROVINCE String Name of service location’s state/province.