Visit any of the 54 Reddaway service centers spread across the west from Vancouver to Tucson, and you will see professional freight handlers expertly transferring shipments from trailer to dock to trailer. It really does look like a precision dance, with forklifts hoisting each pallet, carton, or container and expertly nestling it into place for its ride to the next destination. Customers are eager to get their shipment so there’s no time to waste. The dock hums with steady activity.

As a dockworker, you are probably the closest thing there is to a modern-day cowboy. Instead of a horse your mount is a lift truck, and the instead of cattle you’ll wrangle freight of all sizes and shapes. It takes a keen eye, an expert hand on the wheel, and a smooth touch on the peddle to safely, quickly, and precisely position each piece of freight. If you are the type with a sense of urgency and who enjoys the idea of being in constant motion, then this could be the job for you.

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