COVID-19 – A suspension of all guarantee service failure reimbursements has been issued effective 3/25/2020

Service Failure Reimbursement Policy: Due to the unprecedented national COVID-19 impacts, and based on the unpredictable local and national climate with respect to rest in place orders and business closures, we regret to inform our customers that Yellow companies cannot offer reimbursement for service failures on shipments picked up on or after Wednesday,  March 25, 2020 until a yet to be determined future date. Our Tariff 100 rules will be updated as well to reflect this change. We will continue to offer these services throughout the time period and will monitor for reinstatement at a prudent time. The majority of Guaranteed shipments will not experience a service failure and will not be affected by this change. These shipments will continue to receive additional monitoring and operational priority.

Weather-related Terminal Closures

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Extreme Weather Planning Information

Since weather patterns and disasters are unpredictable, one of your best sources of information is your local authorities and emergency personnel. They will have the most up-to-date information and access to available resources. However, the following links can serve as a useful guide during an emergency situation.

Extreme Weather Information


Winter weather



Current Weather Information

National Weather Service

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards

Additional Resources 

For more information on emergency preparation and safety, please consult the National Safety Council, and the American Red Cross for useful advice and updates.

National safety council:

Red cross: