Customs Self Assessment (CSA)

CSA is a Canada Customs initiative designed to streamline the Customs process for low-risk shipments moving from the United States to Canada.

  • Qualified Goods: To qualify for this process, Canada-destined goods must be of U.S. origin. The transportation provider, the driver and the Canadian importer must be CSA-certified.
  • Certification: We are certified for CSA, and all our cross-border drivers are being certified. Importers interested in applying for CSA certification should contact a Canada Customs office.
  • Benefits for all Customers: Our CSA certification provides all our customers an extra level of assurance that YRC Worldwide companies are committed to the secure and expeditious transportation of every international shipment crossing our borders. In an ever-changing business environment, we continue to support all Customs release types for our CSA and non-CSA customers alike.
  • Benefits to CSA Customers:
    • Reduces the cost of Customs compliance by eliminating requirements for transactional entries.
    • Increases certainty of expedited Customs processing.
    • Easier to meet Customs obligations.
    • No export documents required from the shipper for CSA shipments.

Visit the Canada Customs website at for more information on CSA.